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2019 Clay Research Conference

The Clay Research Conference will be held on Wednesday, 2 October.  Associated workshops will be held during the week 29 September - 4 October.  Registration for the Clay Research Conference is free but required.  Participation in the workshops is by invitation, but a limited number of additional places is available.  To register for the Clay Research Conference or to register interest in a workshop, please email


Millennium Problems

Supported by much experimental evidence, this conjecture relates the number of points on an elliptic curve mod p to the rank of the group of rational points. Elliptic curves, defined by cubic equations in two variables, are fundamental mathematical objects that arise in many areas: Wiles' proof of the Fermat Conjecture, factorization of numbers into primes, and cryptography, to name three.


A Clay Research Award is made to Wei Zhang (MIT) in recognition of his ground-breaking work in arithmetic geometry and arithmetic aspects of automorphic forms.  Full citation. A joint Clay...
CMI Scientific Advisory Board member Andrew Wiles (Oxford) has been awarded a De Morgan Medal by the London Mathematical Society for his seminal contributions to number theory and for his resolution...